The European Union Regulatory Framework

The main goal of the EU Regulatory Framework is to allow economic operators along the biofuel supply chain to demonstrate the sustainability of their products in conformity with the Directive.

For that, the 2BS voluntary scheme shall:

  • Cover all the sustainability criteria of the Directive 2009/28/CE modified by the Directive 2015/513 (EU) of 9 September 2015 and related communications
  • Enable to verify economic operators use an appropriate mass balance system.
  • Guarantee accurate and reliable information regarding the sustainable origin of the biomass and/or biofuels.
  • Ensure an appropriate control level through independent auditing

The documents of reference are available in the "External documents pillar". Please click here.


The 20-20-20 of the UE energy policy in 2020

Scope of the 2BSvs Voluntary Scheme

Terms of implementation: Mass Balance System

Vérification du schéma et cycle de certification