2BS voluntary scheme requirements and documents

The documents published in this section cover the entire 2BSvs certification scheme and apply to all parties in the 2BSvs process: economic operators, auditors and affiliated certification bodies, 2BS Association members and interested parties.

Access to the documents is managed using access rights, access being restricted or public according to the level of use. You must log in for access to private documents.

Access rights are determined by category of user:

  • Certification bodies and their auditors
  • Economic Operator certified by the voluntary scheme 2BS
  • General public

To access documents restricted to the first two categories the person must first apply for restricted access. This subscription also allows the person to receive by email all updates of documents which are published on the 2BS internet site. The reference documents for the 2BS certification scheme are exclusively documents officially recognised by the European Commission as well as other work documents published by the Association 2BS.

The documents can be downloaded freely, according to the access rights, but only the version on the internet site is kept up to date by the 2BS consortium. Documents published on the internet site are the intellectual property of the 2BS consortium, except for the documents in « external documents » section. Any use of documents other than for certification purposes or maintaining the 2BS management system requires prior written authorization from the 2BS Association.

All reference documents and documents relating to the application of the 2BSvs certification scheme can be consulted depending on the access rights defined by the 2BS consortium at the time that each document is put on-line and documents are organised into five pillars as follows: