My annual production declaration for 2020 (biofuels, and / or sustainable raw materials), to be completed before January 31, 2021



             See Ref.Ares (2015) 3602136 - 01/09/2015 (European Commission)
             See Criteria 1.3 of the 2BS STD-01 and 02 standards

Requirements :

The information concerning the 2020 sustainable tonnages sold by each 2BS-certified entity (= to the mass balance outputs from January to December 2019) must be recorded and transmitted to 2BS before the 31st of January 2021 to 2BS, in particular 

  • Tonnages of feedstocks "collected-sold" by a certified entity, by species and by origin (country)
  • Tonnages of the different types of biofuels, bioliquids produced, the type of raw materials used, their tonnages and their origins (country)

Entities which are concerned 

  • All first gathering entities / collections points of feedstocks and materials that are 2BS certified for their collection and sales activity (energy crops, waste and residues), excluding trade flows (resale of products purchased from other operators certified by 2BS or by another voluntary scheme)
  • All 2BS certified sustainable biofuel production entities, excluding trade flows (resale of biofuels or intermediate materials purchased from other operators certified by 2BS or by another voluntary scheme)

Entities which are not concerned

  • All entities certified for the trading business whose activity consists in buying and reselling sustainable raw materials, biofuels as well as the trading flows of the first gathering entities, collections points and last interfaces.


Biofuel Production entities – Please Becareful!

Feedstock means the raw material and NOT an intermediate product.

For instance,

  • A biodiesel processing unit, using rapeseed vegetable oil as an input to its process, needs to know the mass yield (tonnes of vegetable oil / tonnes of rapeseed) of its supplier to determine the exact quantity of tonnes of rapeseed, quantity to be entered on the form under "Quantity in tonnes of raw material"

  • A producer of bioethanol using alcohol from marc and lees must declare the amount of biomass and NOT the amount of distilled alcohol. Knowing the mass yield of his supplier (tonnes of raw alcohol / tonnes of marc and / or lees) will enable the producer to determine the quantity in tonnes of biomass which must be reported on the form in "Quantity in tonnes of raw material ".