Important information for Nabisy user operators and certification bodies.


The 2BS certified operators concerned in this news are the last interfaces in the production and supply chain of biofuels for consumption in Germany, including:

  • producers of biofuels or
  • traders, who deliver biofuels to operators (including fuel distributors) and incorporate them into fossil fuels

By clicking on the links below, please note:

    a) Nabisy procedure changes from January 2018

    b) the biofuel codes to be used according to the process of their production and the feedstock used (crop type, waste or residue)
    c) all the information that will be required to characterize the proof of sustainability of your expeditions
    d) the access request to Nabisy application (new user, producer or trader)

    e) the record to be used to update the information published in "d)"

    f) the registration to be completed relating to the proof of durability of the delivered products

    g) the "FAQ" concerning the use of NABISY in its latest version

2BS Team