(COVID 19) – 2BS Business continuity plan – Audits - New Instructions


The European Commission decided that the end date for the possibility to carry out remote recertification and surveillance audits in any country shall be the last day of the month during which travel restrictions have been lifted*.

The implications may, therefore, vary between different countries and regions as well as between different auditors (in case additional travel restriction applying to auditors).

The date by which the required on-site audits complementing the remote audits have to be done is being extended to five months after the above-mentioned end date of remote audits.

An exception to having to complement the remote audits by on-site audits can be accepted in case of the operators at the origin of the chain of custody of agricultural raw materials (up to and including the first gathering points) which have successfully passed the previous audit (without major or critical non-conformities).

2BS Team