(COVID-19) - 2BS - Business continuity plan - Audits - Instructions


According to the procedure 2BS-PRO-02, 2BS annual certification audits are carried out at the anniversary date of the issuing of the certificate with a tolerance of + / – 2 months. This is one of the first levers to be actioned by clients and certification bodies to reschedule the audits.

This tolerance of “+2” months is increased to “+4” months for the follow-up and renewal audits that should have been carried out in March and April 2020 where operational factors are beyond the control of the clients (difficulties to be audited) and the certification bodies (lack of auditors).

When possible for both parties, client and certification bodies, remote audits are allowed. Specific instructions have been passed to certification bodies to prepare such audits since the 10th of March.

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2BS Team